Week 28 – Judy


Week 28

Eclipse Abstract

These crescent shaped shadows, on our driveway, are coming thru the fronds of palm trees as a result of the solar eclipse. So cool!

I darkened the background and applied Topaz Adjust 5’s pop filter. Also, changed the white balance to shade, which warmed the photo a little. My settings were ISO 200, f/10, 1/25 sec at 79mm (70-300mm).



Week 22 – Becky


Got my eye on you!

Backyard findings.  These guys freak me out how they watch my every move while I am trying to get close.  Shot with Olympus TG4.  Settings f4.9, 1/100sec, iso1000, 18mm.  Applied Topaz Adjust Spicify.


Week 18 – Judy


Week 18

Duck at Dusk

Saw this duck land on the bank of our neighbor’s pond and took this photo from our yard. It was taken right after a thunder storm with some light just beginning to come thru the clouds.

Applied some cropping and Topaz Adjust 5’s Spicify filter. The filter added all the different colors to the reflections in the water. My settings were ISO 1600, f/11, 1/400 sec. at 277mm (70-300mm).



Week 11 – Judy

Week 11

Air Plant vs. Man

I hurt my back this past week, so photographing options were limited. It hurts to even carry my camera. 😦  So, having to stick close to home, I saw this air plant growing on the electrical lines crossing our road in front of our house. Interesting how nature can be found most anywhere. I’ve noticed this air plant on different locations on the wire…I imagine being blown left or right by the wind.

My settings were ISO 200, f/6.3, 1/2000 sec, at 300mm (70-300mm). Applied some cropping and Topaz Adjust 5’s photo pop filter.