Week 39 – Becky


Lying in wait

These spider’s web blended in well with the surroundings.  I did not realize there was a spider there until I positioned myself at a different angle.  I am in a black and white mood it seems.  This is the third black and white photo I have submitted.  I boost the contrast using curves in Photoshop, sharpened, converted B/W.  Shot with the Olympus TG4.  settings f4.9, 1/400sec, iso250, 18mm.


Week 37 – Becky


Do you mind? I am eating lunch.

Did not realize at the time I shot the spider that it was eating a smaller insect.  Lucky me! Shot with m Nikon D300s and 105mm lens.  Converted it to black and white for something different.  My settings were f3.5, 1/200sec, iso400.


Week 20 – Robin


Spider Silhouette 

Another spider… 🙂 This time I tried to be a little more artistic. You can with a spider because they tend to stay put… unlike some other critters!

Used the Olympus TG4 in Microscope mode. Zoomed in some. This makes for some nice bokeh backgrounds… almost like a DSLR!
Settings were auto…1/400 sec; f/4.9; ISO 200.


Week 17 – Robin

Pantropical Jumper

Pantropical Jumper (Plexippus paykulli)

My husband and I went out this afternoon to take some photos, but it started raining right after we started. 😦 I snapped a few of this jumping spider on my car. A pantropical jumper spider. I have seen a few of these around lately in other places. They are cool looking and move quickly.

Used a Canon 6D and a 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS lens. Settings were 1/640 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100.


Week 8 – Robin


Gray Wall Jumper

A gray wall jumper spider about to dine on a tasty moth…on my wall outside. He let me stay around for a few moments and and join him. He didn’t move much while he ate. 😀

Canon 6D and f/2.8L Macro IS USM. Settings were 1/160 sec, f/5.0, ISO 400. Used Topaz Adjust to sharpen and make a few minor corrections.


Week 4 – Robin


Yellow Crab Spider on Yellow Flower

When I took this photo I didn’t see the yellow crab spider. I just noticed that some type of pod had impaled the center of the flower. Sometimes you never know until you bring it up on your computer!

Used an Olympus EM1 and 150mm lens. Settings were 1/640s, f/4.5, ISO 200.


Week 2 – Robin


Moth and Spider on Lantana

The NWG’s went to “Stick Marsh” this very beautiful Sunday! The weather couldn’t have been better. We had a great time, as always! 🙂

This is a Zabulon Skipper on a native lantana. There is also a spider on the same bloom!

I used an Olympus OM‑D E‑M1 and a M. Zuiko Digital ED 75mm f1.8 lens. Not a true macro and heavily cropped, but not too bad. 🙂