Week 40 – Becky


Chryalis of Gulf Fritillary

While examining our gardenia I noticed this Chryalis.  Checked it out online and found it to belong to the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.  It was so cool to watch it move.  Maybe I will get lucky and catch it coming out.  Shot with the Olympus TG4 on microscope mode zoomed in.  Settings were f4.9,1/100sec/18mm/iso800.


Week 39 – Becky


Lying in wait

These spider’s web blended in well with the surroundings.  I did not realize there was a spider there until I positioned myself at a different angle.  I am in a black and white mood it seems.  This is the third black and white photo I have submitted.  I boost the contrast using curves in Photoshop, sharpened, converted B/W.  Shot with the Olympus TG4.  settings f4.9, 1/400sec, iso250, 18mm.


Week 38 – Judy

Week 38


Took a four mile hike while camping in Flagler Beach. Saw this little guy on the trail. He was very busy and really into his work, as you can tell by the pollen all over his face :).

My settings were ISO 200, f/8, 1/200 sec at 260mm (70 – 300mm). Applied Topaz Adjust 5’s Pop Photo filter.


Week 37 – Becky


Do you mind? I am eating lunch.

Did not realize at the time I shot the spider that it was eating a smaller insect.  Lucky me! Shot with m Nikon D300s and 105mm lens.  Converted it to black and white for something different.  My settings were f3.5, 1/200sec, iso400.


Week 37 – Judy


J_Pastore_Morikami II

The Big One That Didn’t Get Away

This poor Anhinga eyes were bigger than his stomach. He was attempting to swallow this fish, but he was having a very difficult time of it. Would get it part way down and then bring it back up, dip it in the water to make it more slippery, and try to swallow it again. We watched him for several minutes and then moved on. Don’t know if he ever got it all the way down.

Settings were ISO 100, f/8, 1/80 sec at 300mm (70-300mm).



Week 36 – Becky


Bathing Beauty

Went on a photo club field trip with my girlfriends to Japanese gardens.  They had these iguanas roaming free.  They came in bright yellow and green.  It was really cool to see.  Shot with my Nikon D300s.  Settings were f4,1/640sec,iso400 and 105mm.  Boost the contrast and sharpened so the lizard stood out.


Week 35 – Becky


Tennessee Sunset

Went to Tennessee to see the Fall colors.  Unfortunately, we did not see much in the way of fall colors, but we had a great time in the cabin, hiking and watching the sun set from our balcony.  Shot with Olympus TG4.  Settings were f/5, 1/400sec, ISO100, 10mm and set on sunset mode.  Boosted the contrast in Photoshop.