Week 34 – Judy



How Tall Am I?

You know how parents keep track of their children’s growth by placing marks up a wall or doorway, well we keep track of how our frogs are growing by measuring them in our rain gauge….LOL! Actually, like Robin said, there is an abundance of frogs ever since we had all the rain from Irma. You find them everywhere!

Taken with my Olympus TG4 on microscope mode. Love that little point and shoot camera! Thanks for telling us about it, Robin!



Week 33 – Judy


Week 33

Wilted Sun

Yesterday, I participated in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. This is an event where photographers worldwide get together on the same day and pick an area to photograph. This year, there were over 900 walks, with 18,000 plus walkers worldwide. We had over 50 people show up for our photo walk in our Historic Downtown. This was a fading sunflower in a planter outside one of the many downtown shops. It was a fun event!

My settings were ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/40 sec at 200mm (70-300mm). Applied a low strength of Topaz Adjust 5’s Photo Pop filter.



Week 32 – Becky


Future Frog

The ditch in our front yard is full of water from all the rain.  Amazing how fast the tadpoles appeared.  I tried to take a photo of one with back legs but they would not cooperate. Put my Olympus TG-4 in the water on microscope mode.  Cropped and sharpened. Settings were f3.5, 1.100sec, iso800, and 10mm.


Week 31 – Becky


Grasshopper with a single antenna

This little guy did not like me taking his photo.  Every time I tried to get a shot of him, he would move around the chain link to hid his face.  This was the only one I got with him looking at me.  Didn’t realize he had one antenna until I brought the photo up in photoshop.

Boost contrast, sharpened and cropped.  Shot with my Olympus TG4.  Really need to get my Nikon out 😦

Settings were f4.9, iso500, 1/400sec, 18mm and microscope mode.


Week 23 – Becky


Hanky Panky or Get a Room! or Do you mind?

So many titles to choose from.  Roaming around the yard of the house we are renovating when I stumbled upon these two little love birds. This is a photo of two air potato beetles getting it on.  At one point the bottom one looked like it was trying to knock the top one off.  Processed this photo in Lightroom.  First time using Lightroom to tweak my photos.  Opened it up in Photoshop to sharpen it some more.  Used my Olymput TG-4 on microscope mode.  The settings were iso500, 18mm, f4.9 and 1/400sec.

Happy Clicking!


Week 22 – Becky


Got my eye on you!

Backyard findings.  These guys freak me out how they watch my every move while I am trying to get close.  Shot with Olympus TG4.  Settings f4.9, 1/100sec, iso1000, 18mm.  Applied Topaz Adjust Spicify.