Week 52 – Robin


Beautiful Orchid Bee

I planted some Mexican Heather in a container and many beautiful bees have visited. This bee is the most beautiful and I spent a lot of time trying to get a nice photo of them. They are quite small and very active. Such a pretty jewel of nature!

Canon 6D and 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS. Settings were 1/1600 sec; f/2.8; ISO 1600. I rotated the photo so the bee was right side up and cropped in.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may the new year bring much happiness! :mrgreen:


Week 50 – Becky

ArtistNamedBec | Fine Art Photographer | Digital Artist

Hang In There

This is the first image I created for my Breast Cancer Awareness Series.  My goal is to display a Pink Ribbon image on my Instagram feed for everyday in October.  Shot this with my Nikon D300S and 105mm Nikkor Macro Lens.


Week 48 – Becky


This flower was beautiful as is but I wanted to play with some grunge overlays to make it pop.  Shot with my Olympus TG4 and edited in Photoshop CC.


Week 46 – Robin


In the Pink

For my birthday this year I got a Lensbaby Composer Pro II and a Sweet Optic 35. I have been inspired by Anita Kram’s work and want to awaken my creative side again. 🙂

The Lensbaby is a challenge and a half to get right with manual focus but this optic is very sharp and I was blown away at the quality! I used a macro converter in this shot and my Canon 6D. I was amazed that I got the fly in focus. 😀


Week 45 – Becky



Digging through some boxes in my garage to see what I can get rid of.  Came across 3 Clay Art ceramic masks that I have had stored in boxes for the past 15 years.  Decided to sell them on Ebay since they are not doing me any good just taking up space.  Thought this would make a good weekly photo.  It was singing to me to convert it to black and white 🙂  Shot with my IPhone.  Placed on a black velvet cloth and shot from above.  Not much editing accept converting to black and white.


Week 43 – Robin


The Laugher – Charadra deridens

My husband found this strange looking caterpillar floating on a fake lily pad in our little goldfish pond. He is a little wet but safe now. 🙂 He has one of the coolest faces I have ever seen… so I focused on that. Sunglasses and a smile!

Here is some more information about the species of moth—> The Laugher Charadra deridens

Used the Olympus TG-4 on Microscope mode.