Week 50 – Becky

ArtistNamedBec | Fine Art Photographer | Digital Artist

Hang In There

This is the first image I created for my Breast Cancer Awareness Series.  My goal is to display a Pink Ribbon image on my Instagram feed for everyday in October.  Shot this with my Nikon D300S and 105mm Nikkor Macro Lens.


Week 48 – Becky


This flower was beautiful as is but I wanted to play with some grunge overlays to make it pop.  Shot with my Olympus TG4 and edited in Photoshop CC.


Week 46 – Robin


In the Pink

For my birthday this year I got a Lensbaby Composer Pro II and a Sweet Optic 35. I have been inspired by Anita Kram’s work and want to awaken my creative side again. 🙂

The Lensbaby is a challenge and a half to get right with manual focus but this optic is very sharp and I was blown away at the quality! I used a macro converter in this shot and my Canon 6D. I was amazed that I got the fly in focus. 😀


Week 43 – Robin


The Laugher – Charadra deridens

My husband found this strange looking caterpillar floating on a fake lily pad in our little goldfish pond. He is a little wet but safe now. 🙂 He has one of the coolest faces I have ever seen… so I focused on that. Sunglasses and a smile!

Here is some more information about the species of moth—> The Laugher Charadra deridens

Used the Olympus TG-4 on Microscope mode.


Week 41 – Becky



WOW I am so behind with my weekly photos.  Anyway I was monitoring the Chryalis (week 40 post) in hopes of catching the butterfly emerging.  I checked on it for 3 weeks.  Went to do something else for 15 minutes and the butterfly emerged with out me 😦

So I ended getting a photo of this frog on the bark.  Applied Topaz Adjust to make it tiny bit more interesting.  Shot with IPhone 6.


Week 41 – Robin


Agapostemon splendens

A male agapostemon splendens or “sweat bee”. They like human sweat apparently. I never knew that… Thank you Google. 🙂 They are flashy and pretty like they are dressed up for Mardi Gras!

Used a an Olympus TG-4 on microscope mode with the LED ring light attached.