Week 45 – Becky



Digging through some boxes in my garage to see what I can get rid of.  Came across 3 Clay Art ceramic masks that I have had stored in boxes for the past 15 years.  Decided to sell them on Ebay since they are not doing me any good just taking up space.  Thought this would make a good weekly photo.  It was singing to me to convert it to black and white 🙂  Shot with my IPhone.  Placed on a black velvet cloth and shot from above.  Not much editing accept converting to black and white.


Week 40 – Becky


Chryalis of Gulf Fritillary

While examining our gardenia I noticed this Chryalis.  Checked it out online and found it to belong to the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.  It was so cool to watch it move.  Maybe I will get lucky and catch it coming out.  Shot with the Olympus TG4 on microscope mode zoomed in.  Settings were f4.9,1/100sec/18mm/iso800.


Week 39 – Robin

Been seeing this squirrel in one of my oak trees in the backyard. She has only a nub for tail and her mammaries are so full she has cleavage! LOL! I’ve been feeding her peanuts so she would get a bit closer. I love her pose and the way she is balanced on the branch.

Canon 6D and EF70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS. Used Topaz B&W Effects to convert from color.


Week 17 – Judy


Week 16

Two Blacks in Black and White

Was trimming some palm trees and ran across these two Black Snakes all curled up into each other in the top branches. It was interesting to watch them gracefully untangle. One of the good type of snakes to have in your yard.

My settings were ISO 1000, f/6.3, 1/400 sec. at 260mm (70mm – 300mm). I converted it to B/W and applied a low strength of Topaz Adjust 5’s Photo Pop filter.