Week 28 – Robin


Thar’s Gold in them Spikes!

A tiny bee going through hell to get some pollen from a cone flower. Looks difficult but he seems to have an abundance of pollen. I planted some of these flowers in a pot to attract some different critters.

Used the TG-4 on microscope mode and the macro led ring.


Week 22 – Becky


Got my eye on you!

Backyard findings.  These guys freak me out how they watch my every move while I am trying to get close.  Shot with Olympus TG4.  Settings f4.9, 1/100sec, iso1000, 18mm.  Applied Topaz Adjust Spicify.


Week 17 – Becky


Stare Down

I believe this little guy is called a Click beetle.  He doesn’t look happy having a camera shoved in his face.  Oh well, I needed my weekly photo 🙂

Shot with Olympus TG4 on microscope mode.  Settings were f4.4, 1/320sec, iso125 and 14mm.

Happy Cicking!


Week 13 – Becky



My backyard never fails me for subjects.  Just have to be patient.  I loved how the bright sun made this little guy glow.  Yes, I know you shouldn’t take photos in the bright sunlight.  But, when you put shade over him he just didn’t seem to glow.  So, I went with the bright sun shot.  Cropped it down some.  I loved the bokeh achieved by the foliage behind.  Shot with the Olympus TG-4 on microscope mode.  Used Clarity filter in Topaz Adjust followed by some slight dodge and burn around the head.  Settings were f3.2, 1/320sec, 6mm and iso100.

Happy Clicking! 🙂