Week 45


NWG’s been taking a break… Time to post again.
This is Bella my brother’s German Shepherd. Sadly Bella passed away very recently. My brother and his wife also sold their home and moved to a smaller home with less property to take care of.

I loved this beautiful 92 acre property in Anthony, Florida with prairie, ponds and most of all the dreamy oak tree forests. Bella always stayed by my side when I took walks through the property as if she was my guardian. I will miss her, the good times with family and my walks through the woods.


Week 44 – Robin


Gracie, All Ears!

She was in the kitchen as I walked by the treat jar. Ears all perked and a hopeful look on her face! I snapped a few photos and rewarded her, of course. Doesn’t take much to make our companions happy. ❀ πŸ™‚

Used a Canon 6D and 85mm f/1.8. Settings were 1/100 sec; f/1.8; ISO 1250.


Week 43 – Robin


The Laugher –Β Charadra deridens

My husband found this strange looking caterpillar floating on a fake lily pad in our little goldfish pond. He is a little wet but safe now. πŸ™‚ He has one of the coolest faces I have ever seen… so I focused on that. Sunglasses and a smile!

Here is some more information about the species of moth—> The Laugher Charadra deridens

Used the Olympus TG-4 on Microscope mode.


Week 42 – Robin

OK.. this is a little weird, but during the holidays I had some time to be a little creative and have some fun. My husband and I were taking shots of the supermoon and our TV antenna, that happens to look like a flying saucer, got the focus. LOL! So… I cloned out the arm that attaches it to the house, added a few lights, mist and rocket exhaust.


Week 41 – Robin


Agapostemon splendens

A male agapostemon splendens or “sweat bee”. They like human sweat apparently. I never knew that… Thank you Google. πŸ™‚ They are flashy and pretty like they are dressed up for Mardi Gras!

Used a an Olympus TG-4 on microscope mode with the LED ring light attached.


Week 39 – Robin

Been seeing this squirrel in one of my oak trees in the backyard. She has only a nub for tail and her mammaries are so full she has cleavage! LOL! I’ve been feeding her peanuts so she would get a bit closer. I love her pose and the way she is balanced on the branch.

Canon 6D and EF70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS. Used Topaz B&W Effects to convert from color.