Week 25 – Robin


My husband and I headed out to Viera Wetlands today, but it was closed and too hot today to walk. Click ponds was open, but no birds… only some dragonflies, but this Scarlet Skimmer is a pretty subject. They seemed to be extra red today. Maybe it was the heat. 😀

Used a Canon 6D and 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS lens. Settings were 1/320 sec, f/6.3; ISO 100.


Week 21 – Robin


Ant and Extra-floral Nectaries on Passion Flower

I saw these little green nodes on our passion flowers and noticed that the ants were hanging around them. I thought maybe they were aphids, but they are Extra-floral Nectaries. “These are glands that produce water and sugars but they are not designed to attract and reward pollinators. The nectar produced by EFNs is sweeter than phloem and is made up of a mixture of glucose, fructose, sucrose and some protein, amino acids and organic acids.” More info The ants sure like them. Maybe it’s like fast food, so they don’t have to ranch aphids for sweet nectar. Nature is full of amazing secrets. 🙂

Used The Olympus TG-4 in Microscope mode with the LED ring. I turned the photo upside down which made it look rightside up. 😀 Looks like a little ant cottage!


Week 20 – Robin


Spider Silhouette 

Another spider… 🙂 This time I tried to be a little more artistic. You can with a spider because they tend to stay put… unlike some other critters!

Used the Olympus TG4 in Microscope mode. Zoomed in some. This makes for some nice bokeh backgrounds… almost like a DSLR!
Settings were auto…1/400 sec; f/4.9; ISO 200.