Week 45 – Judy


I’m back! Life has had its challenges the past few months and I lost all interest in photography for quite some time. Things still aren’t great, but better. I have to thank my friend for getting me back into photography. Her Yellow Labrador Retriever had six puppies on May 30th. My friend requested that I take photos of her puppies during the eight weeks she will be raising them before passing them on to their new owners. With such cute subjects, I had to comply. This is one of them attacking my sandal. They are just so adorable! It’s good to be back!


Week 44 – Judy


Week 43

Hollywood Glasses

This is my 92 year old Mom with what I call her “Hollywood glasses” on. They fit over her prescription glasses, so they are a little big. She’s in a nursing home now. She used to know who I was once in a while, but she never knows anymore. 😦  But, this will be a cherished photo!



Week 43 – Judy

Week 42

Went for a drive to Kenansville. Kenansville is a very small town with acres and acres of nearly nothing surrounding it along a two lane seldomly traveled road.  Spotted this Bald Eagle as we were driving down one of the dirt roads off the paved road. There were two birds, but of course one flew off before I could get a photo. This one flew off just after getting this one photo. Such beautiful birds! It’s easy to see why this bird was chosen as our national bird.


Week 42 – Judy

Week 41

Sorry I skipped a week…life has been challenging lately. But, I got this cute photo of a manatee a few days ago. When it’s cold here in sunny Florida, the manatees accumulate in the swallow canals where the water is warmer. This guy was laying on his back just chillin…actually trying not to chill :-). I want to thank my no wimpy girlfriends for being patience with me.


Week 39 – Judy

Week 39

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two Sandhill Cranes…well, not quite the birds in the song, but I love our two resident Sandhill Cranes. They were just relaxing in our front yard enjoying our beautiful Winter weather while I snapped a few photos of them.

My settings were ISO 100, f/8, 1/400 sec at 236mm (70 – 300mm). Applied some cropping and cloned out a couple of highlighted areas.



Week 38 – Judy

Week 38


Took a four mile hike while camping in Flagler Beach. Saw this little guy on the trail. He was very busy and really into his work, as you can tell by the pollen all over his face :).

My settings were ISO 200, f/8, 1/200 sec at 260mm (70 – 300mm). Applied Topaz Adjust 5’s Pop Photo filter.