Week 32 – Becky


Future Frog

The ditch in our front yard is full of water from all the rain.  Amazing how fast the tadpoles appeared.  I tried to take a photo of one with back legs but they would not cooperate. Put my Olympus TG-4 in the water on microscope mode.  Cropped and sharpened. Settings were f3.5, 1.100sec, iso800, and 10mm.


2 thoughts on “Week 32 – Becky

  1. Robin says:

    Ooo! I like this underwater shot! The little tadpole really stands out nicely. Excellent! They move around a lot and getting a clear shot isn’t always easy!


  2. Cool! Nice detail. I’ve tried getting photos of the tadpoles in our ditch too, but the reflection was too distracting. I forgot our Olympus’ were waterproof. 😆


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