Week 24 – Becky


Young Assassin Bug

This guy is really tiny.  Had to look hard among the leaves.  This is a very young assassin bug.  Shot with my Olympus TG4 on microscope mode.  Settings were ISO800, 18mm, f4.9 and 1/400secs.  Started my processing in Adobe Lightroom (cropping etc…) then finished processing in Adobe Photoshop.  Trying to learn how to use Lightroom.  All the photography pros keep saying how Lightroom was a game changer for them.

Happy Clicking!


4 thoughts on “Week 24 – Becky

  1. Robin says:

    Also… I tried Lightroom for a while and hated that I couldn’t do layers like Photoshop, but maybe it can now. I am so set in my ways! This really looks nice so you may be on to something! 😀


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