Week 21 – Becky


Mother/Son bonding moment

Yes, this is a real tattoo on my forearm.  For years, I have always wanted to get a tattoo, but not just any tattoo.  I wanted something that meant something to me since this would be permanent.  Then my daughter had the roman numeral 3 tattooed on her forearm to represent the three most important people in her life (dad, mom and brother).  I thought that was really cool.  Simple and sentimental.  Then my son said that if he got a tattoo it would be a breast cancer ribbon to represent the memory of his gramma (my mom).  Oh man, that is also so cool. So, I said I wanted one too, but I wanted roman numerals somehow in the design with the date of gramma’s birth and the date of her death from cancer.  I would still be thinking about it if it wasn’t for my son saying lets just do it on a late rainy Saturday night.  So off we went.  As we are driving over to the tattoo parlor he looks at me and asks, “Are you nervous?”  I responded, “Heck yeah, I am nervous!”.  He said, “So am I.” That is when it hit me just how awesome this moment was…getting a tattoo with my son.  We walked in there, told the artist what we wanted and the artist drew it up with the dates as roman numerals.  Perfect.  By the way, we also both got the roman numeral 3 to represent the three most important people in our lives 🙂

Shot with Olympus TG-4.

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