Week 13 – Judy

Week 13

Experiment Attempt

I saw what I thought would be a cool thing to try on the Photojojo website…photographing frozen flowers. Well, the flowers didn’t turn out well at all. The only part I sort of liked was the leaves to one the flowers. So, that’s what I ended up with. I do like how the ice crystals formed around the rim of the one leaf.

My settings were ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/60 sec at 135mm (15-135mm). I applied Topaz Adjust 5’s Pop Photo filter and added some tone and a vignette. Tried to make a boring photo a little more interesting. Oh well, I tried.


2 thoughts on “Week 13 – Judy

  1. ArtistNamedBec says:

    That is such a fun experiment. I did this a few years back with a rose. I agree with you the crystals around the leaf do look cool. Keep on experimenting 🙂


  2. Robin says:

    Lovely and artsy! Nicely done! It’s such fun to try new techniques and see what happens! I’ll have to try this sometime! 🙂


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