Week 11 – Judy

Week 11

Air Plant vs. Man

I hurt my back this past week, so photographing options were limited. It hurts to even carry my camera. 😦  So, having to stick close to home, I saw this air plant growing on the electrical lines crossing our road in front of our house. Interesting how nature can be found most anywhere. I’ve noticed this air plant on different locations on the wire…I imagine being blown left or right by the wind.

My settings were ISO 200, f/6.3, 1/2000 sec, at 300mm (70-300mm). Applied some cropping and Topaz Adjust 5’s photo pop filter.


3 thoughts on “Week 11 – Judy

  1. ArtistNamedBec says:

    Sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully you will heal fast. Great photo even if you was in pain. Love the simplicity of it.


  2. There is nothing worse than back pain, I know, and I hope you feel much better soon, Judy. Great shot of the air plant! I have never seen one of these before except in garden centres where you can buy them. Nature is trully amazing!

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  3. Robin says:

    😦 I hope you heal quickly! Kind of funny how against all odds this crazy air plant decided to make a power line it’s home. 🙂 Good eye and a great photo!


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