Week 15 – Becky


Shedding some skin!!!!

My son found the snake skin in our garden.  It is amazing you can still see such detail where the eye, mouth and scales were.  Nature and all living creatures are amazing.  Shot with DSLR Nikon300s and 105mm.  Boost contrast and cropped along with some sharpening.  Settings were ISO400, f3.5, 1/40sec, Aperture Priority and handheld.

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Week 15 – Robin


Yellow Marshmallow Family

These apparently are very common to potted plants. Leucocoprinus birnbaumii.
They were growing in a potted fig tree. I liked the shape, like a marshmallow, and vivid yellow color. They only lasted for one day and then turned an ugly brown and dried up.

Use the Olympus TG-4 on Microscope mode. Settings were automatic but were 1/400s, f/3.2, ISO 100.


Week 15 – Judy


Drops of Sap

My friend had a large pine tree cut down in her yard.  I noticed the shiny drops of sap coming thru the tree stump and the cool tree rings. This tree had been thru lots of history. You can see a very distorted reflection of the camera and some palm tree tops in the sap.

Taken on microscope mode with my Olympus TG-4. Edited on the iPad. Used Snapseed to enhance detail, and applied the glamour glow filter. Settings were f/4.9, ISO 800, 1/160 sec at 100mm (downloaded Photoshop Fix App on my iPad…it shows settings…yeh!).


Week 14 – Becky


Ta Daaaaa!!!!

That is what came to mind when I saw this beetle chopping on the this plant with his one leg hanging out.  Have no idea what type of beetle this is.  Was playing around with my ring light for my Olympus TG4.  I have had it for awhile and never really played with it.  Seems to have worked out okay.  Cropped, denoised, sharpened and boost the contrast.  My settings were f4.9, 1/200sec, iso800 18mm, microscope mode.

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Week 14 – Robin



I was out looking for critters to photograph and saw my dog, Gracie, and my cat, Stormy, having a moment. I like the sweetness of it. They do all seem to love each other.

Got down to their level. Used the Olympus TG-4. Settings were 1/125 sec; f/2.8; ISO 100. Used a touch of NIK HDR to help with the shadow areas and a tiny, touch of Topaz Impression 2, Liquid Lines III.


Week 13 – Becky



My backyard never fails me for subjects.  Just have to be patient.  I loved how the bright sun made this little guy glow.  Yes, I know you shouldn’t take photos in the bright sunlight.  But, when you put shade over him he just didn’t seem to glow.  So, I went with the bright sun shot.  Cropped it down some.  I loved the bokeh achieved by the foliage behind.  Shot with the Olympus TG-4 on microscope mode.  Used Clarity filter in Topaz Adjust followed by some slight dodge and burn around the head.  Settings were f3.2, 1/320sec, 6mm and iso100.

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