Week 10 – Becky


Caught in the act

For starters, this is not the photo I had planned on posting.  My husband and I were at the house we are renovating.  I was brushing off the stone on the column when I noticed this caterpillar on one of the stones.  I went to brush it off when I saw it slowly being dragged into a crevice.   I took a closer look and saw that an anole had the caterpillar in its mouth.  I quickly whipped out my iPhone 6 to take a photo.  I was only able to get off one shot.  Not the most crisp shot, but I still like that I caught the lizard in action hauling away its dinner.  I opened up the shadows, boosted contrast and sharpened.  Happy Clicking.


2 thoughts on “Week 10 – Becky

  1. Robin says:

    That’s a large meal! Wow! Such a cool shot, especially since you only had one chance to get it! Nice to know you are giving these lizards new places to hide! 😀


  2. Ewwww, a tasty morsel! Nice capture, especially with just your phone. Nature at its finest. Yup, the anole saying, “Thanks for building this cool cave for me.”


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