Week 9 – Becky


Eyes have it

It’s times like this I wish I had a bigger lens.  Well anyway, there is a vacant lot across the street where a builder took down all the trees.  We have noticed three large owls hanging around on the back of the lot.  Probably mourning the loss of their trees.  As I was sneaking up on them to take their photo, they all flew into different trees.  This one had its back to me.  Every time I took a few steps it would turn his/her head and look at me.  I was only able to do this a few times before it flew off.  Shot with my NikonD300s and 105mm lens.  Settings were f2.8, ISO3200, 1/3200sec.  Boosted contrast, cropped and sharpened. Happy Clicking!


2 thoughts on “Week 9 – Becky

  1. Robin says:

    Nice that he turned his face to you! Even if it’s a dirty look. 😀 I like the wide view so you can see where he hangs out. Great shot! Too bad about his loss of habitat. I know they need to plow down trees to build a house, but it’s very sad for the wildlife.


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