Week 6 – Becky


FIS (Flying Insect Sex)

Okay, seriously, I am not going out of my way searching for insects making love.  This is how it went down.  It is Sunday, just got home from a long day working at the rehab house and I let the dog out to go potty.  I am sitting there while she is doing her business wondering what I am going to do for our weekly blog when these two landed down in front of me.  Couldn’t pass it up 🙂  I unfortunately forgot to post it that night.  Took with Olympus TG4 on microscope mode.  Settings were f4.5, 1/320sec, iso640, 15mm.  Cropped, boosted contrast, and sharpened.  Also applied a filter in Topaz Adjust.  Forgot which one.  Happy Clicking!


2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Becky

  1. Well, they don’t call it “the birds and the bees” for no reason…ha,ha, ha! Great capture and macro shot! Microscope mode made all the difference.


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