Week 3 – Judy


Week 3

Nature Never Gives Up!

This orchid plant was gifted to me a couple of years ago after it was used as a subject for one of our camera club’s macro workshops. I hung it on a palm tree and pretty much forgot about it…its been very neglected. But, it keeps on blooming! It has about twenty beautiful blooms right now, with many unopened buds, as you can see, still to bloom. I would probably kill it, if I paid attention to it, so I’ll just keep neglecting it :). Interesting how the chain link fence in the background shows up.

My settings were ISO 400, f/4.8, 1/160 sec at 160mm (70-300mm). And I used my tripod…something I rarely use. Applied Topaz Adjust 5’s Photo Pop filter and brushed out everything but the flower.




5 thoughts on “Week 3 – Judy

  1. Robin says:

    Lovely composition of a beautiful orchid! Love all the little veins on the bloom! The fence looks like garden lattice and a perfect background! It must be very happy in it’s location!


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