Week 45 – Judy


I’m back! Life has had its challenges the past few months and I lost all interest in photography for quite some time. Things still aren’t great, but better. I have to thank my friend for getting me back into photography. Her Yellow Labrador Retriever had six puppies on May 30th. My friend requested that I take photos of her puppies during the eight weeks she will be raising them before passing them on to their new owners. With such cute subjects, I had to comply. This is one of them attacking my sandal. They are just so adorable! It’s good to be back!


Week 45


NWG’s been taking a break… Time to post again.
This is Bella my brother’s German Shepherd. Sadly Bella passed away very recently. My brother and his wife also sold their home and moved to a smaller home with less property to take care of.

I loved this beautiful 92 acre property in Anthony, Florida with prairie, ponds and most of all the dreamy oak tree forests. Bella always stayed by my side when I took walks through the property as if she was my guardian. I will miss her, the good times with family and my walks through the woods.


Week 45 – Becky



Digging through some boxes in my garage to see what I can get rid of.  Came across 3 Clay Art ceramic masks that I have had stored in boxes for the past 15 years.  Decided to sell them on Ebay since they are not doing me any good just taking up space.  Thought this would make a good weekly photo.  It was singing to me to convert it to black and white 🙂  Shot with my IPhone.  Placed on a black velvet cloth and shot from above.  Not much editing accept converting to black and white.


Week 44 – Becky

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics

My husband’s doctor recommended this book for him to read.  I did not waste any time ordering it. Doesn’t hurt to read it and try to practice it to see if it does help reduce some stress.  So we have our own little book club going.  🙂  Shot with IPhone while I was reading it during breakfast.  Not processing performed.


Week 44 – Judy


Week 43

Hollywood Glasses

This is my 92 year old Mom with what I call her “Hollywood glasses” on. They fit over her prescription glasses, so they are a little big. She’s in a nursing home now. She used to know who I was once in a while, but she never knows anymore. 😦  But, this will be a cherished photo!